Welcome to Francis Holland Schools Trust
The Francis Holland Schools Trust is an educational charity which manages two independent day schools for girls in London. Both schools were founded by Canon Francis Holland in the late 19th Century and both have been called Francis Holland School ever since. The Trust has equal responsiblity for the two schools.
Established in 1878, the Trust provides financial stability through the shared Bursary and shared Board of Governors known as The Council. There are currently 17 members who are all pre-eminent in their professional fields, providing well-informed advice via a structure of committees to both schools.

Both Francis Holland Schools therefore benefit from not only a strong financial foundation but also shared best practice both educationally and administratively. The Trust however recognises the different character of each school and great value is placed on the autonomy each Head has over their school in terms of staffing, curriculum, uniform and culture.
There is a close working relationship between the Chairman of Governors, the Heads and the Chief Operating Officer ensuring a smooth running organisation.
The Trust was established in 1881 by the Canon Reverend Francis Holland, an Anglican clergyman, who was keen to advance and extend the provision of single-sex education for girls.

He established two schools, the first at Clarence Gate, NW1 in 1878 which is a senior school for 11-18 year olds known as Francis Holland School, Regent's Park, and the second at Graham Terrace, SW1 which is a junior and senior school for 4-18 year olds known as Francis Holland School, Sloane Square.

Whilst the Trust has an Anglican foundation, both schools welcome girls from all faiths.